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Redefining Physiotherapy using the latest evidence-based research. 

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Chronic Pain?

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Sports Injury?

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Feet Pain? Bunions?

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Pre-Post Surgery?


Have you seen multiple professionals and not gotten the results you need? If it feels like you have tried everything without the results you are looking for, we can help! 



Joint Pain Treatment

Traditional physiotherapy is outdated.


Our programs are updated to reflect new scientific evidence & better support you in reaching your goals and enhancing your well-being. 


The most recent research has lead us to new ways to help you improve your health and wellbeing.


You are the expert in what is best for you; we work together to take our knowledge and combine it with your needs to help you meet your goals. 

During Your Initial Assessment: We give you the opportunity to tell your story in your own words. We look at habitual movement patterns, assess your tissue and range of motion.


Improving Communication

The whole body is connected, the tissue we focus on is the tissue that connects all of our cells and systems. 

we work with you to reduce dysfunction/dysregulation so that the systems can work together.

Nervous System Regulation  

Our emotions, thoughts & language are connected to tension in the tissue.  we will teach you how to better collaborate with your nervous system to help you purposefully connect brain, body, and behaviour.

Movement Refinement

We move everyday and how we move impacts us. Movements created in our daily activities impact our long-term health and wellness. We bring your awareness to purposeful movement throughout the day, optimizing your habits to invest in the longevity of the body. 

Tissue Remodelling 

When each region of the body is able to express itself fully, the body has a natural ability to work more efficiently.  The tissue we work with (fascia) is one of the most trainable systems in the body. We use hands on manual therapy, movement retraining, and a focus on daily habits to support remodelling.

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Once we have created more freedom of movement and better communication throughout the body, we can build on these foundations to further improve resiliency, adaptability and higher level performance. 


Clients are overassessed by multiple practitioners, often left feeling confused.

Clients are under-treated with decreased coordination between all health care services.

Current Fall Prevention Model is usually in large groups, generic and actions don't translate to proper gait.


Real-world functional assessments (starting with awareness, knowledge, experience, and habits) are used.

During treatment, we support the wellness and communication of the body's systems to relieve pain, improve longevity & wellbeing.

Our model includes individualized training with practice performing movements that are more risky in a safe environment.

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