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Unlock your body's natural harmony and inner radiance through the gentle art of Reiki energy healing. 

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Performed by Registered Massage Therapists (RMT)

  • Our Reiki sessions are conducted by Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), making them eligible for insurance coverage, ensuring you receive expert care.


Experienced Practitioners

  • Our team of experienced Reiki practitioners brings a wealth of expertise to each session, ensuring you receive the highest quality of care and holistic healing.


Can Be Combined with Massage for Enhanced Benefits 

  • For a truly transformative experience, consider combining Reiki with massage to maximize relaxation and therapeutic benefits, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and balanced.


Stress Reduction

Reiki promotes deep relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Energy Balance

It helps balance the body's energy flow, enhancing overall well-being.

Pain Relief

Reiki may alleviate physical and emotional pain by supporting the body's natural healing processes.

Enhanced Emotional Healing

Many individuals find Reiki beneficial for emotional healing and mental clarity, promoting a sense of inner peace.


We are conveniently located a 10-minute walk from Yorkdale shopping mall at Dufferin and Wilson. There is free parking and only a 5-minute walk from a subway stop. We are a home-based clinic and would love to schedule an appointment with you!


Please call us at 647-521-7759.  

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